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Steph &Thomas Clarke

"I started yoga with Sally when I was 5 months pregnant.

To be honest, I chose her class because of the promise of tea and cake, what could be better?

Aside from her fantastic cakes, Sally was an amazing yoga teacher, always at hand to make sure you are doing the positions safely.


As a first time mom, I found it really useful to have a class that not only prepared me for the physical side of birth, but taught me things that I was unprepared for. I remembered a lot of the talks while delivering and I think it really helped. After having my son, I also attended mother and baby yoga. It was a fantastic bonding experience for my son and I, and again I learnt a lot from the other parents. I made some lifelong friends at Sally’s classes, and I hope to be able to attend again if I have another child."

Charlotte Hart

"I started doing Antenatal yoga with Sally with my second baby in 2018 and absolutely loved it!

They were a great way to meet other mums, have any questions about pregnancy and labour answers and we’re brilliant for my physical and mental health! (As well as a perfect excuse to eat some of Sally’s AMAZING cakes)

The breathing techniques helped me through a difficult labour and I rejoined Sally for “mum yoga” which really helped me strengthen before falling pregnant with my 3rd child in 2020.

Being pregnant during lockdown wasn't easy, especially with 2 other little ones at home and working full time. Having our pregnancy yoga on zoom every Thursday was a lifeline and my bit of normality and time to myself.

Sally always makes time for us to discuss any worries and ask any questions.

Sally’s classes are so much more than just pregnancy yoga, her holistic approach to each mum makes the whole prospect of pregnancy and labour a lot less daunting. She really has created a warm and welcoming community for women to support other women."


 have done pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and mummy yoga with Sally and cannot recommend her classes enough. As a practitioner, she is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, reassuring and supportive. She goes above and beyond to make sure your pregnancy, birth and post-partum experience is the best it can be. My first pregnancy was difficult, and Sally was more of a support to me than my midwife. She guided me through my options and reassured me when I felt anxious. The yoga was the best physical preparation for labour and delivery I could have done, and I put my incredibly positive birth experiences down to her classes. Sally has helped shape my formative years of motherhood; she inspires confidence in you trusting your innate ability to mother. I would recommend her classes to any pregnant woman or new mother. 


Sam Cooper

"I started going to pregnancy yoga with Sally at around 14weeks into my first pregnancy last year and it was the most relaxing time of the week!

Not only is Sally a great yoga teacher but hugely knowledgable and helpful with all things baby!

After a break due to Covid I was so glad to get back face to face and bring along my little boy Henry... it’s safe to say he loves Yoga as much as me!

It’s so inclusive and fun for him but also a great way for me to stretch and relax while making some lovely friends! Il truly miss is when we have to stop!"

image0 (1).jpeg

"This is my third pregnancy and I only want to come to Sally’s classes! 

I always say I swear from Sally’s advice is how and why I had fairly fast and uncomplicated labours 

The woman is full of knowledge and I love her classes 

Plus her cakes she makes are to die for haha

fab all around and definitely worth the money"


I have attended sessions with Sally for both pre and post natal Yoga and I’m also now attending her Mummy Yoga classes. Without doubt Yoga with Sally has always been my favourite time of the week. 

Sally isn’t just an amazing Yoga instructor, she’s also probably one of the most warm, calming people I’ve ever met and she totally puts you at ease. She has so much sound advice and I’ve hugely appreciated all her support over the years. 


I have attended Sally’s antenatal relax stretch and breathe yoga classes whilst pregnant with all 3 of my children, and have also taken them as babies to Sally’s post-natal mother and baby classes too. I can honestly say that going to my very first class while pregnant with my eldest was the single best decision I made. I had time for ‘me’ and time to focus on the miracle of being pregnant and carrying a baby. I learnt so much from the group discussions and topics led by Sally and from speaking to the other mums to be. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to have had 2 amazingly natural labours like I did had I not have applied the knowledge I’d learnt from these classes. 

The mother and baby classes were so enjoyable for both me and my babies. A lovely introduction to doing something for yourself, while spending some fun, quality time with your baby. I’ve formed friendships from my youngest’s antenatal class and we have now been friends for almost 3 years, speaking and meeting up regularly which has been such a support for each other. 

After 6 years of doing either antenatal or postnatal classes with my babies, I’m now able to really enjoy Sally’s mummy yoga class. This is a lovely class which gives me some ‘me’ time, so important while being a busy mum to 3 and juggling working part time. 

I feel so energised but relaxed after each class, and feel it has definitely improved my core and overall strength and flexibility. It’s also lovely seeing other mums with young children as we have so many things in common and so many things to share each week.

Even throughout lockdown Sally has and is continuing classes over zoom, which has been so needed during such a strange and difficult time for everyone. Sally is the most lovely, kind, caring, person you could ever wish to meet...and also is an amazing baker. The cakes I’ve sampled over the years of doing Sally classes have all been absolutely gorgeous.

We’d be lost without Sally and her wonderful classes.

Julie 3.jpg
Julie 2.jpg


I joined Sally’s pregnancy yoga when I was 12 weeks and I carried on throughout the whole of my pregnancy. I learnt so much in Yoga that I used throughout my labour which I do genuinely believe helped progressed my labour very quickly. Sally was always so helpful and reassuring. No question was silly in the class and it was comforting to hear that other women were going through a similar situation. I continued with baby yoga for a short period and even now I sing the songs to my son. Sally and the yoga classes have played a huge positive role in my journey. 


I started baby yoga with Sally when I was 15 weeks pregnant after been highly recommended by a friend. The pregnancy yoga classes were amazing and I would highly recommend to any mum to be! I met lots of mums who were all at a similar stage in their pregnancies and they have been a great a support network ever since. 

The classes were so informative and I learnt so much from Sally. After several face to face classes we moved onto Zoom for my final trimester. Even on Zoom the classes were still personable and we were able to continue the great conversations and birthing techniques. When I gave birth , I used all of the breathing techniques and advice from Sally and managed to have no pain relief! I do believe this is down to Sally and the classes and can’t thank her enough for such a great experience. 

Ollie is now 5 months and we are doing baby yoga which is great to meet up with the new mums and for the babies to enjoy the interactions. And I can’t forget to mention Sally’s incredible cake each week - which is the real reason I go to class!! 

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