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Menopause Yoga Workshop

Our Menopause – A Feminine Yoga Practice and More.

Yoga is known for its immense variety of styles and practices which makes it a perfect to help perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

Some days we simply need soothing breath practices that help us to surrender to the waves of emotion and anxiety; restorative postures with props offering aid to support us when we’re in physical discomfort; for exhaustion and insomnia, relaxation methods are designed to nourish, to replenish and encourage rest.

Other days we have the fire and the energy to move with a strong and steady flow, bearing our body’s weight to strengthen our bones, increase our cardiovascular strength and tone our ever-changing body shape.

Meditations, whether still or co-ordinated with movement, to help the fluctuations of moods and calm the chaos, creating space to reflect and enhance a greater sense of awareness.

We can reach into every part of the physical body to help create balance and stability, and in turn, help us to balance our mental and emotional worlds.

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